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  1. Rolande LeBourveau says:

    Lola, I knew your mom in school and caught this link from her Facebook page. Your creations are beautiful. You are an extremely talented young lady. Keep up the amazing baking!

  2. Suzy McKee says:

    Beautiful! The baker, the website, and the baked works of art! So fun to watch you find your creative inspiration Miss Lola. We will follow and your goodies. Go dog go!

  3. Roger Watts (Grandpa) says:

    Stop it Lola!! This minute. I am quite fat enough as it is. I shall have to stay away.

    On the other hand I bet there’s a plane tomorrow.

    Brilliant cakes and brilliant web site. Is there no end to my Grand-daughter’s talent?

  4. Linda moore says:

    Hi Lola! Great job! My mother was a great Baker and i would like to donate to you her baking ware. Please accept this gift and email me for more information. My name is Linda and live in Pacheco. Hope to hear from you very soon!

  5. Jordan says:

    Lola!! Your cupcakes, cakes and cookies are so yummy!! Can I have a cupcake for free? Just kidding just kidding. I will definitely be ordering from you soon. ily

  6. Marne O'Hara-Malloy says:

    You are AMAZING! You will succeed because you LOVE what you do. I knew your Great Grandmother and she would be very proud of you! Keep up the wonderful creations! You GO GIRL!

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