Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

This Valentine’s Day I hosted a bake sale. I made cookies and cupcakes, and sold out!

valentine cookies


These cookies were decorated using royal icing and a toothpick. I used the toothpick to swirl the icing in different directions to make different patterns and designs. I also used Wilton piping tip #12, to pipe the borders and stripes. To get the icing so smooth, I used an offset spatula. I’ll put all of the links for the best prices at the end of this post.

valentine cupcakes

These vanilla cupcakes were decorated with lavender frosting and pastel fondant, to look like sweetheart candies. I used a special swirl tip to pipe the frosting which I linked in my last post, but I’ll link it again. I used a mini heart fondant cutter and dyed the fondant with Ameri color gel food coloring.

valentine dot cookies

I also used royal icing for this. I used the Wilton piping tip #3 for the dots, and also used an offset spatula to get the icing smooth.

Offset Spatula

Wilton Tip #12

Wilton Tip #3

Americolor Food Color Gels

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