Top 5 Baking Hacks

1. Use a cupcake scoop to get even cupcakes every time. (you can also use this hack with cookies)

2. Don’t have a piping bag? Don’t sweat it. You can use a Ziploc bag. Just put your icing in, snip of a corner or put a piping tip in, and pipe away!



3. To make putting frosting in a piping bag easier, fold the ends of the bag over a cup, and fill with your favorite icing.



4. Are you too lazy to grease your pan? Just cut out a circle of parchment paper the size of your pan, and put it in the bottom of the pan. This also makes cleanup easier.


5. Oh no! You ran out of brown sugar and don’t want to go to the store to get more. Just take a cup of regular sugar and 1 tablespoon of molasses. Mix it all up, and you’ve got yourself some brown sugar!




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Baking 101: How to Line Cake, Bread and Cupcake Pans

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