Bridal Shower Cupcake Cake

This weekend I had an order for a Bridal Shower. I decided to make a vanilla cupcake cake with flower embellishments and a fondant ribbon. The flowers were made out of frosting and then frozen. I used a flower nail, with a square of parchment paper glued on with frosting.  I also used tip #102 and a bigger version of that. Tip #102 is a rose tip shown here:



I dyed my fondant royal blue, as that was the color scheme. The day after, I baked my cupcakes. Then I assembled my 48 cupcakes on a 20 x 30″ board. I glued my cupcakes on the board with a dot of frosting. Finally, I frosted all of my cupcakes and put the flowers and ribbon on. I really liked how it turned out, and it was pretty easy too!



Bridal Shower Collage





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