Coconut Birthday Cake Bunting

Hi, guys! I haven’t posted anything recently. Sorry! I’ve been so caught up in Summer vacation! So, a while back, I was asked to make a birthday cake for my good friend’s mom.  I was looking around and discovered 

So, a while back, I was asked to make a birthday cake for my good friend’s mom.  I was looking around and discovered cake bunting. Cake bunting is basically a banner on top of a cake that shows a message like, “Happy Birthday” or “Just Married”. So since this was for a birthday, I decided to make a bunting banner myself. The instructions are below.


Bunting Cake 2


So, other than the bunting, the cake turned out and tasted amazing. I made my coconut cake and frosting recipe, which you can see on the recipes page. I frosted the cake in lavender coconut buttercream and topped it off with some shredded coconut on top!


To make the bunting banner:

You will need:

2 cake pop sticks

Some thin string (whatever color/design you desire)

Clear tape

Strong glue

Template for alphabet cake bunting:    (Printable Chalkboard Letters)


First, measure how far apart you want your sticks to be. However many inches that may be cut 2 strings 1 inch longer than that width. Say I want my banner to be 6 inches long, I would cut two 7-inch pieces of string. 

Next, fold your letters in half to meet up with the other edge. Put a little glue on the crease and on one side of the crease. Do not glue together yet! Fold the letters onto the string, so that the string is right in the crease of the letter.Do this to all of your remaining letters. Make sure to leave at least 1 inch of string on each side for taping.

Finally, wrap your remaining string around 1 stick and tape securely at the very top of the stick. You want to make sure to do this because you want to have room for the second string underneath that. Do the same to the other side and move onto the bottom row. Tape the string right under the first row’s because you want your sign to be tall enough to stand on the cake, but not touch it.



This is an easy and fun way to decorate your cake and spread a nice message to the person/people you love.





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